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Marty Gasper

(If you are a group performing at SingStrong please see Marty's emailed request for information about your sound set-up. You can also look at the bottom of this page for a list of equipment provided on the mainstage.)

In addition to sound and light design for SingStrong, Marty is also the founder and beatboxer for Blue Jupiter.

When not beatboxing, Marty's strong leads, seamless harmonies and sense of time and rhythm gives Blue Jupiter its funk-influenced groove.

Hailing from Fargo, ND, Marty grew up in the theatre, both on stage and behind the curtain. He calls on that experience as Blue Jupiter's general manager, light and sound operator, studio engineer, graphic designer and full-time baritone vocalist and vocal percussionist.

Marty received his training from Berklee College of Music, with a dual-major in Film Scoring and Music Production and Engineering. When not performing or writing for Blue Jupiter, Marty spends his time in New York City as a film and television composer and creative producer and engineer at one of New York City's top recording studios.