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The Single Singers (DC)

You are in the Single Singers! Or at least you could be!

If you're attending the SingStrong A cappella Festival and want to get your moment in the spot light, this is your chance to join a group that's performing!

How To Join

Step 1) Contact Judy@SingStrong.org and tell her that you have a SingStrong Full Weekend pass (or Class Pass) and you want to join in the fun!

Step 2) Follow the link she gives you to the Single Singers' Music. Download the music and start practicing!

Step 3) Come to rehearsal (see schedule for times) with your parts learned cold.

Step 4) Perform on stage with your new friends and bask in the applause!



The Single Singers was originally created for the London A Cappella Festival in January 2012. Its founders, Annemarie Homan and Emily May 't Hoen, started the group as a way to give singers that were coming to the festival on their own the opportunity to actually perform in a group. The name was a twist on the renowned Swingle Singers, who were also the hosts of the festival. After a social meet-and-greet and just two rehearsals, this international line-up of 24 singers put together five songs, which they performed for the first and only time on January 14. Such a success was this endeavor, that the brand of The Single Singers has spread all the way "across the pond" to the United States!

This year, the SingStrong A Cappella Festival will put together the very first version of The Single Singers DC. If you have ever wanted to feel what it's like to sing on stage in front of an adoring audience (because, let's face it, there's nothing more gratifying than singing a cappella in front of a cappella fanatics), this is your chance! If you just couldn't convince your entire a cappella group to hop in a crowded van and take a road trip to SingStrong this year, this is your chance! Become a part of the tradition that is The Single Singers.

My Artists Sessions

Friday, March 1

5:00pm EST

Saturday, March 2

1:00pm EST

2:00pm EST