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Masai "Electro"

Masai Electro's unique beatboxing skills have landed him opening spots for artists such as Will Smith, Biz Markie, Stetsasonic, Jermaine Dupri and Magic Johnson. Masai has performed with rapper Missy Elliot, Roots beatboxer, Rahzel, and the Neptunes. Masai Electro has been featured on MTV and BET.

Masai Electro's style has been described as akin to a DJ scratching and remixing dance songs with a touch of impossible vocal sound effects, ala Police Academy's Michael Winslow.

Masai Electro is most well-known for his featured role in both a national Sprint Commercial, and Verizon's online interactive video game commerical for "The Beatbox Mixer" with Rahzel, Butterscotch and Click Tha Supah Latin. Unlike any vocal percussionist you've ever heard, this one man drum machine will change what you believe the human voice is capable of.